Friday, 29 April 2016

Ansal University- Redefining Engineering

Ansal University, this name reminds us all of a big construction tycoon Ansal’s who has changed the face, of this part of land with his own vision & ideas.

The Name stands firm and aside of all its conglomerates; same is true for this one, the University.

Situated amidst the heart of the IT city Gurgaon, and under the foot hills of Aravali Range, this university is a colesque venture of art & science.

This place offers a rich amalgamation of learning through education and life in its 15 square meters of prodigious campus.

Its colossal fame has its roots grubbed into the very existence of preeminent Sushant School of Architecture who has been no.1 private architectural institute in India since long and still it beholds that.

Its School of Engineering & Technology has been amongst the top charters of GGSIPU –Delhi in providing the technical education par excellence. 

Its plethora of adept faculties from the universities of class away ordinary (Cambridge, IITs, IIMs & NITs) delivers just not the lectures but the experience that’s stupendous. 

The Dream of Ansals has not only been to deliver the basic level of courses but to enrich the younger generation with the opportunities at par the best for higher education & research.

The faculties here are remarkable mentors with hands-on in corporate & field and have a seamless grudge to endeavor as a researcher.

Come join Ansals and be something above ordinary. 


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