Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Online Architecture Courses in Delhi

Online courses are best for those who want to continue their studies along with their jobs or normal lives. Sometimes, it is not feasible for a person to leave the job or to attend colleges for studies but at the same time, he or she wants to study further or study some particular course. In such cases, it is good to look for some online courses of your interest. Regarding online architecture and design courses, one can find many colleges in Delhi. One should be self-confident and should possess strong desire to learn if you have chosen online mode of study.

Types of Online Architecture Courses

Architecture is a subject of mastering both arts and science. Along with theory, hands on is necessary to get the actual knowledge on subject. Architecture colleges have proper classroom sessions along with training sessions to teach students about building models of designs created and variety of other practical sessions are held. And these things do not seem possible in online courses. That is why college of architecture and planning has designed the courses in such a way that they can be feasible for candidate to attend and practical sessions can also be provided. There are mainly two types of online architecture courses available that are described below:

4-year programme along with internship: In this course, student will learn all the technologies used in creating designs in 4 years and then get a chance to implement all the learning at the end of course in an internship programme. The students have to make models, create designs of buildings and learn the use of technologies in making architectures.

5-year complete course:  In this programme, students have to attend regular online sessions and then weekly or regularly, they have to work under a registered architect in their local area. This way the student will gain practical knowledge also.  He will gain valuable experience while studying. If you have flexible daily schedule or enough time to work then this is a great opportunity to master the art of architecture designing and planning.

In this technical era, internet is providing great tools to spread education all over the world. Many top colleges in Delhi offer these courses and degrees online along with regular classes. This is beneficial for people who are local and for those who are at remote places and find difficulties in searching good architecture colleges nearby.

Below are the pros and cons discussed of joining online architecture courses by many colleges in Delhi and university in Gurgaon, Haryana that should be considered before enrolling into any programme.


  • Flexibility: The very first advantage of an online course is its flexibility. It allows the person to carry their daily schedules along with study. This is beneficial for working professionals who want to learn architecture or who want to master their talent in architecture. Moreover, it allows the person to learn in their free time. They do not have to attend sessions at some particular time. They can attend anytime in the day. 
  • Saves Effort and Time: One does not have to commute while attending an online session. This saves a lot of efforts and time. He can attend the session from anywhere in the world. He just needs a good internet connection and strong will to learn. 
  • Freedom of Pace: Every student has his own potential to learn a new concept. Online courses are good for slow learners. They have freedom of learning at their own pace. They can attend one lecture any number of times and can repeat a lecture if they feel the need to do so. 
  • Less Expensive: Online architecture courses have different fee structure than that of regular courses. Usually, online fee is less. Moreover, students do not have to incur the commuting costs.


  • Less practical knowledge- The students who join regular course will have more exposure to practical sessions than those who join online courses. 
  • Less exposure to latest technology tools- Sometimes, it is not possible for colleges to provide latest tools available for online courses.

Compare the fee structure, course duration, internship or practical exposure provided, technologies taught of architecture school Gurgaon and Delhi to join the best-suited architecture course.


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