Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Why Engineering makes top CEOs

That roars That moves is not only That is termed The Engine, but the presence of any communication that needs some thing from us and give us back some thing is again The Engine and we the Engineers tune it, unbelievingly.

Crushing the Dogmas, every Engineer accords the nation through his/her Idiosyncratic Modus Operandi.

We the Engineers Borne with an Unequalled Eupepsia of Science, for which we stood by the secondary level education and then we again stood up to Reap the Science Unbarred.

Pillar of any nation is its History which believed the value of Science. The Un-Put-Down-Able strength of Scientific Research is Unquestionable, then Engineers takes these outcomes and they test these through ages to form Standards to further nurture the nation by Momentous Projects.

Engineering serves with the biggest Asset of any nation, its Workforce. Biggest of the biggest projects worldwide realized physically due to the workforce being properly Superintended.

Thus an Engineer borne with the Scientific Knowledge and Advancements as well with the Cognizance to Oversee the Workforce while he Ascends up in his career. That’s what an organization see when it appoints a CEO.

Deciphering a Corporate/Plant mechanism minutely to its Rudiments, for this matter the workforce / material as ingress, workflow/ process as the mechanism and products/ documents as the output , is what is Envisaged as a quality for the top boss of any organization and Engineers develops such an Acumen towards the whole mechanism while he being nurtured as Amateur.

Nurturing itself speaks of someone’s care, here be the Mentors that makes him that material. His/Her’s own Stimuli to learn and the counseling from Mentor’s makes one fit to face off the Defiance which is most required to physically realize one real world problem.

India has its glorious past and as well its present, in contributing towards giving some greatest leaders as in a face of CEO. Some of them are listed herewith:

  • Sundara Pichai - CEO -Microsoft
  • Satya Nadella - CEO - Google
  • Shantanu Narayan - CEO- Adobe
  • Rajeev Suri- CEO - Nokia
  • Vikram Pundit- CEO - CITI group

To them there is one thing unanimous; they are all Engineers as graduate.

Great Institutions get Great Mentors, Great Mentors make Great Engineers/Leaders , and they in turn make the Nation proud.

Our Country is a home of many peerless Technical Institutes, which has its Ubiquitous presence.

Northern part of this nation possess some of the best Engineering Colleges and Universities including IITs, NITs and Central Universities and some of the best private engineering institutes.

One of the noteworthy education venture of an infrastructure magnate –ANSALS, gave this nation many of the splendid projects and some of them are way old back before our nation was independent.

This pre-eminent venture in education industry has its name as Ansal University , which leads the way to technical education a class apart. This climbed up in the plethora of many others as the best engineering college in Gurgaon – Delhi NCR – Haryana.

Leadership is not taught but a great mentor cultivates this quality from nascence in mentee.


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