Friday, 7 July 2017

Your essential tips to ace interview for admission to top Business schools in India

The interview is the last and the final and thus the most important component among-st the selection process of gaining admission in the top Business schools in India. With the ongoing admission season, it is very important to know what exactly the interviewers look for while selecting the candidate for the different MBA colleges in Delhi.

Apart from the basic etiquette's such as the formal dressing and punctuality, the performance in the interview is capable of enhancing your chances of getting into the best MBA colleges in Delhi. So, how can you impress the interview panel to make sure that you get the admission in the top MBA college in Gurgaon?

Have a look at our essential tips which will aid in cracking the interview at the best MBA college in Gurgaon:

  1. The Must know questions: The questions concerning your career, ambitions and life are the must know questions and you should be well prepared for handling such questions. Apart from that, answers for questions such as, 'Why choosing MBA', 'Aspirations from MBA' and 'Why choosing this particular MBA colleges in Delhi' must be well prepared. The interviewers will grill you on questions related to the core academics and work experience.
  2. Make sure to convey your USP: It is very important to convey to the interviewer at the MBA colleges in Delhi about the factors or resources that add value to your profile as a candidate seeking admission to the college. Make sure that your Unique Selling Proposition is conveyed to the interviewer and he thinks of you in high regard. So, instead of waiting for them to extract the information from you, be proactive in telling the interviewer about you.
  3. Confidence: The top Business schools in India usually check the confidence level of the aspirant through the body language and the way in which the student takes and answers the question. They will cross question you even when you have answered correctly. So, don't lose your confidence in such situations and these questions should not be the speed breaker for your career. Your clarity about the answers and confidence in your tone can give you brownie marks in the interview.
  4. Practice the answers: The interviewers interviewing you in the best MBA colleges in Delhi are experienced professionals who can easily identify whether the answers are genuine or the student is just making castles in the air. Cramming up the answers won't take you far. Make sure to practice the answers so as to have a clear flow during the interview. The practice session will help you in giving a natural response during the interview.
  5. Be the driver of your interview: This is one of the most important tips. The questions which the interviewer will ask may vary from one candidate to other, but make sure to drive the interview towards your strength areas as the interview progresses. To make sure that you get selected in the top MBA college in Gurgaon, identify your strength and guide the interviewers towards those areas, as it is usually the answers which the candidate gives that helps the interviewer is framing more questions.
  6. Stay calm and understand the question: It is found that the candidates usually listen to the question just to reply. They get a little excited that they start replying after listening to just half of the questions. This way they end up giving an incomplete or confused reply, which often turns out to be negative for the candidate. Thus, when getting interviewed at any of the best MBA college in Gurgaon, make sure to calms yourself, take a pause, compose your answer and then start giving an answer to the interviewer. Such behavior also gives the impression that the candidate is a person of thoughts and thus will never work in haste.
  7. Positive body language: The body language, as well as the approach of the candidate during the interview for getting admission to the top Business schools in India, should reflect optimism in each and every manner. The right answers which you give to the interviewer must be supported with positive body language. Make sure to sit in the formal posture throughout the interview. Always remember, solving a question matters, but, the way you approach a question matters a lot.

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