Thursday, 22 June 2017

Here's what you must know before shortlisting MBA colleges in Delhi NCR

The management courses are much in demand these days considering the immense popularity and importance these courses have in today's competitive scenario. So, you finally decided to pursue the Management degree to add glitters to your career? So, which MBA college are you banking upon? With the presence of a plethora of MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, the students often face a dilemma in hand picking the top MBA college in Delhi for pursuing their degree.

You must have started ranking the top MBA colleges in Delhi on the basis of rankings, placement opportunities, location, infrastructure, fee structure, accreditation etc. But, is this shortlisting exercise about the colleges comprises of your career goals, preferences and academic vision?

Are you confused on how to shortlist the best B schools in India? We give you the essential list of factors which will give you the great help in distinguishing a good MBA college from the rest. Read further:

A globalized curriculum: Considering the fact that everything is dynamic in today's era, a static curriculum will not prove to be fruitful. The good colleges provide a globalised curriculum by infusing faculty members as well as curriculum from foreign universities to give the students the knowledge of both the worlds. This not only adds to the knowledge of the student but also gives them the experience and expertise about the other market domains. Such value addition is must and the good MBA college makes sure that they provide their students with such opportunities.

Networking opportunities: The success in the business world is always attributed to the excellent networking. To grab any business opportunities, it is of great significance to network with all the other people and utilises the possible avenues for your and your organization’s advantage. For giving the scope for networking, the top MBA colleges in Delhi give immense corporate exposure by holding regular seminars and talks with the eminent personalities of the industry. Also, during the talks, the students get to interact and establish their network with the top brass right from the learning stage.

Imparting important skills: The Manager does not become a manager by mere obtaining the concerned degree; there are a certain set of important skills which he/she must have to give effective leadership to his/her subordinates. The best B schools in India make sure to impart significant skills such as leadership, relationship building and management, communication skills and team management skills to the students to make them the market leaders. To hone such skills, the institute must hold seminars with the top honchos of the industry so that the students can understand the essential skills.

Focus on industry ready managers: As per the recent research, it has been found that India is facing the dearth of the employable graduates. The employ-ability of any graduate is measured in terms of the readiness of the fresh graduate for any industry. When choosing the MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, make sure that the college provides you with the real-time practical situations to churn your brain engines. There must be enough of the hands-on expertise and experience about the industry through projects, internships, industry visits and assignments. Apart from that, the students must get regular interactive sessions with the who's who of the industry, so that the new aspects, as well as significant aspects of the industry, can be understood by the students.

State-of-the-art infrastructure: Considering the today's fast paced world, a well-developed and state-of-the-art infrastructure is considered as a bare necessity, which the MBA colleges in Delhi NCR must provide to the students. The corporate infrastructure of the college should boast a seamless system of Wi-Fi connectivity for the students to visit various portals for completing their assignments and reading about the latest development of the industry. There should be multimedia and AV enabled learner's room for students. The faculty should use the online learning methodology for imparting all the learning sessions to the students during the management course program. This kind of infrastructure will give the students the vision of the functioning of the corporate world.

The MBA program is a must these days, but what is even more important is getting the degree from the right college. So, before selecting any college for pursuing your MBA degree, read these factors and make the righteous decision.