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Ansal University- Redefining Engineering

Ansal University, this name reminds us all of a big construction tycoon Ansal’s who has changed the face, of this part of land with his own vision & ideas.

The Name stands firm and aside of all its conglomerates; same is true for this one, the University.

Situated amidst the heart of the IT city Gurgaon, and under the foot hills of Aravali Range, this university is a colesque venture of art & science.

This place offers a rich amalgamation of learning through education and life in its 15 square meters of prodigious campus.

Its colossal fame has its roots grubbed into the very existence of preeminent Sushant School of Architecture who has been no.1 private architectural institute in India since long and still it beholds that.

Its School of Engineering & Technology has been amongst the top charters of GGSIPU –Delhi in providing the technical education par excellence. 

Its plethora of adept faculties from the universities of class away ordinary (Cambridge, IITs, IIMs & NITs) delivers just not the lectures but the experience that’s stupendous. 

The Dream of Ansals has not only been to deliver the basic level of courses but to enrich the younger generation with the opportunities at par the best for higher education & research.

The faculties here are remarkable mentors with hands-on in corporate & field and have a seamless grudge to endeavor as a researcher.

Come join Ansals and be something above ordinary. 

What are the career options for students of top engineering colleges in India?

The 21st century is turning out to be most dynamic in terms of technology and innovation for the whole world and for India as well. India is emerging as an education hub in Asia with reputed engineering colleges like Indian Institute of technology, National Institute of Technology and also some emerging private engineering college in Delhi NCR has emerged as an education hub in India, attracting students from across the globe. So if you are an engineering aspirant then you may be in search of best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. Noida, Greater noida and Gurgaon are turning out to be the places of top private engineering colleges & universities in India. Gurgaon is emerging as a corporate hub in India with more than 200 companies operating in the city. Coincidently, Gurgaon is also a home to some of the top engineering colleges in Haryana & NCR. Ansal University is one such name which has managed to be the top private engineering destination in Gurgaon since its inception.

B tech colleges in Delhi
B tech colleges in Delhi
As far as stats are concerned, India is producing more than 5 lacs engineers every year so the question what are the best career options for students after B Tech becomes quite frequent & significant. While opting for a career after B.Tech, first of all one must assess the field or area in which his personal interest or inclination is. To help, here are mentioned some important career options for those who have graduated in Engineering & are still exploring:

Technical job: The students from top engineering colleges in Haryana always have the option to go for a technical job in well established multinational companies. Since working for an MNC gives you handsome salary, job security and good growth opportunities so if your heart beats with the technology then it is a very good career choice.

Masters Degree: Going for a masters degree is gaining importance as significant proportions of fresh graduates are going for a masters degree from India or abroad. MBA has always been the most sought after career option after completing B Tech from top engineering colleges in India. But recent trend shows that many students are opting to go for an M. Tech. degree as well as it offers handsome stipend during the degree and a decent salary package after the degree. 

Civil Services: A significant number of students from best engineering institutes in India like IITs and NITs prefer to prepare for civil services exams. Mukharjee nagar and Karol Bagh in Delhi has turned into a hub for civil services aspirants. So if you aspire for administrative powers and have a desire to serve the country in civil form then this is for you.

Entrepreneurship: India is going through a start up revolution and young entrepreuners are coming up with some very exciting start up ventures which are backed by national and international venture capitalists. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Urbanclap, Oyo Rooms, Zomato, are some such names. Gurgaon is turning out to be a startup hub. So if you want to be job provider rather than a job seeker then start your own journey of entrepreneurship. 

Digital Marketing Expert: Digital marketing is highly paid career option which is gaining popularity very rapidly because in this era of digital revolution everyone is connected with the world through Internet. This career option has a very promising future as Internet and smartphones are reaching to very remote areas.

Data Analytic Expert: This is another career option which is gaining popularity mainly because of digital revolution. If you love to play with big data, then this is for you. Data analytics involves interpreting the big data and hence making strategies accordingly. 

Explore the artist in you: Last but not the least if you have an artist in you whom you have never considered to take to a professional level then give it a second thought because it is always blissful to do what you love than to love what you do. You can be a successful author, singer, dancer, painter, photographer etc if your heat throbs with that art. There are many examples where engineers have gone for their passion and went on to become very successful. Chetan Bhagat is a well known example of an engineer turned author.

How To Choose Best Engineering College Delhi NCR, India

College life plays a very important role in shaping your career and future life. A large number of students in India opt Engineering as their carrier option every year. However, following factor should be taken into consideration before joining an engineering college.

Top engineering colleges in Haryana
Top engineering colleges in Haryana
Faculty & Teaching Methodology: Best B.Tech colleges in Haryana has faculties having rich experience. Apart from experienced and well qualified faculty, teaching methodology makes the faculty easily approachable to the students. Teaching methodology is a way of imparting education to achieve desired learning in students. Best engineering colleges in Delhi is that where faculty plays a role of mentor. Rather than putting academic pressure one should focus on learning. Apart from lecturing, demonstrating & classroom discussions, an interdisciplinary approach, project based learning (whereby every course includes projects in every session or semester), & industry fusion courses to meet the demands of industry. Top engineering college inculcates innovation among students wherein a faculty plays a critical role. Faculty imparts practical knowledge to develop learning and understanding of key concepts of the subject. In a perfect engineering college faculty imparts education which is innovative & industry-oriented. 

Infrastructure: College is a second home for students and every student look forward to have wonderful college life. For that an engineering college should provide best resources, opportunities to students to discover and explore themselves, therefore infrastructure plays an important role. Top engineering colleges have highly maintained laboratories, library, hostel, sports facility etc. Proper infrastructure helps in practical knowledge of students through experiments conducted on hardware and software. While choosing particular stream of engineering one should emphasize on the laboratory infrastructure of college to conduct the practical & experiments in their respective courses.
Facilities & Environment: Nowadays, facilities are important criteria for choosing a best engineering college. A perfect engineering college provides world-class facilities and environment for required learning. Results of various surveys conducted shows that facilities mean the difference between whether one should enroll in particular college or not. Surveys or research conducted reflects a notion that facilities are becoming one of the most important criteria for choosing any college these days. 

Location: Apart from faculty & infrastructure, location of an institute matters a lot. An engineering colleges in Gurgaon NCR in Gurgaon like location is best for the students as it is hub of industries. So, location of a college is an add-on to student’s career without adding his or her efforts as companies approach the colleges themselves due to close vicinity. Perfect engineering college has perfect location where transport & connectivity also play an important part. Students can easily commute to college and at the same time industries can easily approach to college for the pool campus & placement activities.

Industrial application based Research: Best engineering colleges are those which have collaboration with industrial & research identities & have innovative centers established to conduct experiments and research. Students take up projects that have both social and industrial relevance. This way dual objective of contributing to society and moving towards start-ups is encouraged. In this way, a student learns how to fight in these days cut-throat competition by learning to survive in the long term. 

In a nutshell, keeping above points in mind leads you to define your career and personal growth & help you search the best private engineering destination in Delhi & NCR. All the requirements as mentioned above may not be fulfilled by all the engineering colleges in Haryana or Delhi NCR region and only a very few seem to match the most requirements, example being  JIIT, Noida; Amity University, Noida; Ansal University, Gurgaon etc. 

4 Tips to Choose the Perfect Engineering College for Making Your Future

Since ages, engineering and doctoral courses are considered to be golden professions for successful life. India is the largest Engineers’ producing country and as per the data, today India is the second largest in higher education network in the world. With changing technology, education system also has been changed from Gurukul to new modern technology based teaching system.

Engineering colleges in Gurgaon
Engineering colleges in Gurgaon
Learning and knowledge are correlated terms, which go side by side and have imperative value and learning right knowledge from the best educational institute plays a vital role in one’s life. Today, with numerous engineering colleges in Delhi & NCR, it becomes not only daunting but also puzzling task both for the parents and their kids to choose a perfect college. Search for the perfect educational institute starts when a student is in last year of his school education. As they say, “Well begun is half done”, and if an aspiring engineer is able to get into the b tech colleges in Gurgaon in then this will be his first move towards the successful career. So if you, as a parent or a student, are looking for the best engineering college in and around Delhi then here are few tips to help you.
  1. Plan properly to bring the future into present: Smart way to choose best college is to start planning in the last year of higher school education. Talk to parents, seniors, and teachers, collect information from multiple sources, seek their advice, gather information, and explore websites of different best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. From their experience, you need not to verify the each detail and that will save your time also.
  2. We are our choices: “We are our choices” This is a famous quote by Jean-Paul Sartre which means we are more than our choices than our abilities. Opt for the stream or college of your interest. Don’t opt for the stream, which is forced by parents, siblings, or relatives. Choose for the branch that helps you in attaining your goals and is in line with your strengths. Investigate present and future demand of your dream stream, its job prospects after completing your engineering. For making best decisions clear your values. Collect the data and accordingly make a final call for the career. It’s important to spend quality time in deciding and choosing the best stream in the best engineering college.
  3. Enter the doors of education: Most B.Tech colleges in Delhi NCR are set up by private bodies & trusts. These engineering colleges are affiliated to either central or the state government university. There are also a few private but state-of-the-art universities in the NCR region set up under private universities act. For example Shiv Nadar University, Ansal Univeristy, Galgotias University, G. D. Goenka University, BML Munjal Univeristy etc. are world class universities which run four year courses as well as integrated courses ( + M.Tech / B.Tech. + MBA) of five years duration. The knowledge of fee structure along with courses, curriculum offered, faculty profiles need to be well understood which could be a deciding factor before joining these institutes.
  4. Infrastructure is far more important than architecture: Last but not the least, infrastructure and resources help a lot in development of one’s growth. So, visit and check the shortlisted B. Tech colleges of your choice and collect the first hand information, talk to people in admission cell about your interest, stream you would like to opt, move around the college, look for the facilities in the workshops, laboratories, hostel facilities latest book and journals available in the library, class rooms, internet facility, computer labs, location of the institute, means of transport (connectivity) to/from the campus etc. 

In summary, it would be quite advisable for an engineering aspirant to keep the above discussed tips in his/her mind before choosing the engineering college of their dreams in Delhi & around. 

All the very best to future engineers!

Admission Guide & Helpline Engineering Colleges In India

Engineering colleges which started mushrooming in 1990's and beyond came up with effort and investments from private individuals and business groups as per the rules and guidelines of the UGC that could take students interested in various engineering courses and one of them with great importance namely Computer Science to fill up the demand created by new market for the software engineering in global markets.

B tech colleges in Gurgaon
B tech colleges in Gurgaon
Merely working to fill up a gap/demand without looking into the requirements of the industry/markets brought about the biggest menace in our country with which it has to deal now and more so in near future as majority of these are not able to provide quality education to provide industry/market ready workforce.

There is great need of technical institutions which deliver quality education for markets and this opportunity has seen a number of engineering colleges being established to meet the demands of the engineering industry markets with suitably skilled, qualified engineers who are industry ready. In order to achieve the daunting task, permissions from UGC have been granted to a number of institutes for the same but poor quality of education has hurt the industry along with lack of good quality faculty being one of the results. There is no proper auditing mechanism in place thus we see that a very limited number of Indian universities & engineering colleges are well known and ranked globally.

 A deep scrutiny of these Engineering Colleges notably based out of UP, Haryana, Karnataka and other parts of India shows the condition of such engineering colleges. If we look at UP , there are roughly 300 colleges out of which only about  5% are able to even fill the total number of seats made available to engineering students, such is the sorry state of affairs.

After discussing with various people who were associated with private top engineering colleges in Haryana and few other states, we get feeling what these Engineering colleges are teaching for Computer Science is not practically very relevant except a few who are working diligently along with companies/industries in the computer science field to build up market ready manpower and deliverables.

A computer science student should get practical exposure to the core subjects of Computer Science, be able to code debug and effectively design and analyse the real world problems .They should have choices available to choose the subject of interest/research and work towards achieving efficiency in that particular area which can be Graphics, Designing, Networking, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering etc. The course curricula offered by the engineering college should be carefully examined so as to scan if the latest and the best technology are being taught which will assist them to be industry ready. 

Most of the engineering colleges in Delhi NCR region stress on theoretical knowledge and not on practical knowledge and application. Some universities have Credits for Soft Skills to groom the students overall and all of these are being diligently followed at some of the better known private colleges. They have employed world class faculty which have deep market/industry knowledge and experience. 

While opting for an Engineering College the ward and the parents should focus on quality of education along with placements. UGC must do regular audits and advise the engineering colleges to train students in such a manner that they are able to prove their worth in the market/industry they step into after college. In addition, UGC, Industry and academicians should come together and collaborate to create one of the globally ranked best engineering college in Haryana, India. 

To conclude, one should do due research and go for a good ranked engineering colleges and not the ones which are easy to get into and which just churn substandard low quality engineering crowd year after year. 

In the end, remember that- “Choice you make becomes your Destiny!”

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5 Things You Should Know About Education Law

With law becoming one of the prominent careers, many students prefer pursuing a degree in law and build a golden career. There are many specializations available in the field of law. One of them is Education Law. In order to pursue a career in Education Law, the student need to attain a degree in law.

Law colleges in Delhi
Law colleges in Delhi
A specialization in education law from one of the best colleges for law not only open the door of opportunity as a lawyer but also career as a school instructor or an administrator. Many people pursue career as a policymaker, lawyer and related professionals. Becoming a lawmaker allow the person to bring about a change in the state of education. They can ensure high quality education becoming available for underprivileged, disabled and poor students. They can help in eliminating cultural or gender bias in classroom learning, standardized testing and many other academic tasks. Top law colleges in India offer a specialization in education.

Education Law and 5 Facts
  1. In order to build a career in Education Law, the students need to complete a Bachelor’s program in Law. After completing law school, it is necessary for the students to pass a bar exam from the state where they would like to practice law.
  2. The students wishing to build a career as an education administrator or a lawmaker must pursue a specialization in education law.
  3. Many law colleges offer a degree in law with specialization in education along with Master of Arts in education and law. This course offers an opportunity to the students to build an education law & policy career.
  4. To build a good career in this field, the students need to look for an admission in one of the top 5 colleges in India.
  5. After completing a course and attaining a degree in Education Law, the students can work to frame educational regulations and bring reforms in the sector. 

Law Education- Which Ones Are Right for You

There was a time when law as a profession was also hereditary in nature that was inherited by the present generation from their forefathers. Today, it is no longer a legacy profession, rather a profession that is quite sought after by a large number of students. The reason behind the sudden surge in the number of students who prefer this profession over others is the amazing career opportunities available in law agencies, corporate houses, firms, administrative services and more.

Top llb colleges in India
Top llb colleges in India
There are many premium law colleges in India that offer degree in law. Some colleges offer three year courses while some offer 5 year courses. Many law schools in India offer these courses with a graduation degree in Commerce, Management or Economics. Pursuing proper education in law allows the students to think critically, enhance their analytical skills, get in-depth understanding and knowledge about legal processes. After completing this course, they can look forward to enjoy a lucrative career.

Getting a proper legal degree adds value to the career of the students. Thus, one must choose a law course after a lot of thought. If a students is particularly interested in a law degree along with graduation in commerce, he must select a course that allows him to pursue both. This dual degree will offer more avenues for him. Going through the list of law colleges in Delhi and look for a college that is not only reputed but also offers high quality education to the students. Also, find more about the Faculty members in the college. The Placement scenario in the colleges also need to be checked. When satisfied on all the fronts, the students can look forward to gain an admission in the course. After completing the course and attaining a law degree, the student can find bright career opportunities knocking at their door.

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Advantages of Hotel Management Degree in India

Are you looking for a glamorous career? If yes, you can go for a career in the field of hotel industry. With a boom being experienced by the hospitality industry in the last few decades, the job opportunities available in this field has witnessed a surge. Although, the hotel industry is labour intensive and absorb suitable candidates at all levels, right from the non-managerial positions to the managerial positions, getting a formal education from any of the top hotel management colleges will surely make them eligible for higher positions.

Top Hotel Management College
 Top Hotel Management College
There are many high end hotel management colleges and institutes in the country. Here, the students can go for certification, graduation or post-graduation diploma courses. After completing high end courses in this field, one can look forward to get a high profile designation in the hotel industry along with a lucrative remuneration. With so many institution available offering quality education in the hospitality and travel niches, looking for one that is the best is quite challenging. When looking for a suitable institute, it is imperative that certain factors are considered. The Institute must be affiliated with India’s leading education authorities. Secondly, the course or syllabus of these hotel management courses taught to the students must be created in light of evolving nature of this sector. The focus of the course must not only be on the theory of the subject, but most importantly on its practical applications. 

Since this industry requires a lot of public dealing, the students must also be trained in communication skills. Any top hotel management college in India comes with a comprehensive course structure where the students are imparted focused education that prepares them for the future jobs they are going to aim for. This way, a degree helps them prepare for the job in a proper manner.

Create a Shining Career with Hospitality Management Degree

Travel and Tourism is growing at a fast pace and offering amazing career options. Hotel Industry is the major employer in the travel and recreation industry. This sector needs a large number of qualified and well trained candidates who can fill up a variety of positions. There is a requirement for both managerial as well as non-managerial staff to run hotel operations smoothly. There are many hotel management colleges in India that offers a variety of degrees, courses and programs in this field. These colleges not only provides with high end education in hotel management colleges in India, at par with the global standards but also arrange for the internship of training facilities of the students.

Hotel Management College in India
Hotel Management College in India
In order to create a shining career in the field of hotel management, it is imperative to undergo a formal education and vocational training in the field. A variety of programs are available in hotel management. These are Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in hotel management. Depending on the level of education attained, the incumbents are considered for a variety of positions. The Hotel Industry also absorbs a lot of people who have not undergone formal education in this field, but before hiring them, they undergo proper training and learn necessary skills that helps them to gain a job in this field. Many people get their Hotel Management Degree after already entering this field. As they gain education from a top hotel management college and learn intricacies of this field, they are considered for managerial positions. 

Many students are clear about their calling and join a proper college to pursue one of the best hotel management courses. After studying for a year or so, they can specialize in Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Office, Personnel, Event and many other fields. This way, they can look forward to a higher position in their chosen niche right after completing their education, looking forward to a bright career!

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Planning on Becoming an Interior Designer?

With so many career options available these days, the students are confused about which stream they should choose. One of the options that is fast gaining a lot of popularity these days is interior designing. There are many colleges for interior designing where the students are taught this subject in great detail with an aim to help them fetch a good job after the course is completed. This is a subject that needs the students to be very active and keep himself updated to the fast evolving and changing trends in Interior Designing. The professors also encourage the students to look for more information about the subject and pay attention to the practical aspects of the course.

Design colleges in India
Design colleges in India
With growing awareness about décor and creating good spaces, whether residential or commercial, job opportunities for interior decorators have increased to a considerable extent. Homeowners understand the importance of home décor and they are increasingly using these services. This is the reason many students who are inclined towards designing are choosing this course. There is no dearth of courses and some of the top product design colleges in India are offering graduation and diploma courses that prepares the student to aim for a career in interior designing. 

Students can get excellent jobs in design companies or architect firms. If they wish they can also go for self-employment. It may seem to be a little difficult starting on own but in the long term, it proves to be better than a job. The candidate gets an opportunity to carve a career on his own this way. A little business sense and command over the field can take the person far ahead in this field, gaining unprecedented success. It is recommended to pursue a course from any of the best design colleges in India and make an excellent career.

College for architecture in India - Education and Degree Options

There is no dearth of students who wish to become well accomplished architects. In order to make a career in this field, they need to pursue post-secondary education in this field. After completing 10+2, the students can appear for NATA, an entrance examination to gain admission in the top 10 b.arch colleges in India. The students appearing in this entrance examination must have Math and Physics as compulsory subjects in their post-secondary education. Once clearing NATA, the students can get admissions in some of the best architecture colleges of the country. The colleges offering a course in architecture offers graduation and post-graduation degrees.

Top b.arch colleges in India
Top b.arch colleges in India
With a positive boom being witnessed in the construction sector in the country, the demand for well-trained and qualified architects has increased. Now he focus in not only on construction but also on the aesthetics. This way, the students are trained not only in the basic concepts and principles of the subject but also given training in aesthetics which can be converted into style, elegance and comfort. The subject focuses on the building’s designing and planning. Using a variety of architectural styles, an architect can create masterpieces that becomes history because of its impeccable style. After completing a course from any of the architecture colleges in Delhi, the candidates can gain jobs with a real estate company wherein they are expected to work on the construction of structures like apartments, houses, shops, malls and many other structures. Their knowledge in this field help them to create quality structures.

The students who wish to pursue a career in this field needs to have an inclination for architecture. They must be highly creative and have necessary skills to transform designs created on a piece of paper into a reality. This would be possible only after a proper training in the subject. It is recommended to pursue an Architecture course from a reputed Architecture College to build a promising future in the same.

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Interior Design Education - A Great Way to Further Your Education

Degree in interior designing offers scope for an individual to work in a wide variety of fields. Let it be in the field of Media & Communication, Consultation, Fashion Industry, teaching and Film, careers are numerous after completing a degree in interior designing. One needs to live with creativity, art and imagination to enjoy themselves in the field of interior designing.

Degree in interior designing
Degree in interior designing
One can choose Interior Designing courses either online or on-campus. If an individual is intrigued by the creative art and learning, he/she might opt for an Associate degree to start with. Similarly, if one tends to take it to a professional level, or having a prior experience in the industry and wants to improve their career further, one can choose a bachelor in interior design or a Masters. Similarly, with a vast level of experience, and with a research mind, one can prefer a Doctorate (Ph.D.), and can also have their own consulting firm in the field of Interior Designing. 

Parallely, graduating from one of the visual communication colleges in India along with adegree in Interior Designing opens the doors to many more exciting fields of work such as animation industry, Interaction Design, and VFX.  Interior designers work involves Restoration & Preservation, Commercial, and Residential. 

Restoration & Preservation works usually involve Museum Consultant, Historic Residential Designer, and Landmark Design Preservationist. While Commercial designs include Healthcare Facility, Corporate Office and Institutional Building Designer. The Residential designers work along the lines of Kitchen Designer, Bathroom, and Accessibility designing. 

The courses typically speak of Modern Architecture & Design, Color Theory, History of Building Types, Design Theory, and Drawing. The rest of the course curriculum lies on these five focal points that shape and educate a student in his course time. Extended to these are the Business of Interior Design, and Materials &Assembly in the four-year degree programs. A degree in Interior Designing clearly provides an opportunity to explore various careers in various industries and take education into another level involving creativity, art, and imagination. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an MBA Degree

MBA Degree opens doors to a whole new world of career opportunities. One has to graduate from a Top MBA institute in India like IIMor from a Top MBA College in Delhi in order to hold a valid and highly recognized MBA Degree. It would take years for an employee with a University degree to become akey member of the administrative board of a company. While an MBA graduate could achieve the same in a couple of years. Such is the difference and value of an MBA graduate.

BBA Colleges in Delhi
BBA Colleges in Delhi
Following are the 5 reasons why one could consider doing an MBA Degree:
  1. Connectivity and Networking: Fellow peers during the MBA course are CEOs and MDs of various companies in the near future. The professors and other educators areleaders in the Business world.This not only enables to improve high-level contacts during MBAbut also in the profession.
  2. Improved Career Opportunities: MBA grads are exclusively trained for administration and are usually preferred over auniversity degree. This opens a huge number of career opportunities for MBA graduates.  
  3. Higher Pay: Being an MBA graduate not only places an individual higher in the hierarchy, but also helps in increasing the pay. This clearly covers the income-less time period of 2 years during the pursuing of MBA.
  4. Holistic perspective of the Business World: Especially the On-campus MBA programs through their vivid curriculum, assignments, internship programs and educative sessions expand one’s interests and knowledge base of the business world.
  5. Innovative Skill and Knowledge attainment : Effective communication skills are often advanced during MBA. Apart from it, various other skills such as management, administration, self-confidence, and other life skills are also improved.
MBA programs are clearly for those individuals who possess strong leadership and administrative qualities from within.It is also important from which BBA Colleges in Delhi or Top MBA College in Delhi (apart from IIMs) one is graduating from.

Degree in Interior Designing - Must for This Line of Work

If you have a passion for interior designing and have decided to carve out a career for yourself in this fulfilling and lucrative field, one of the most important things to have in hand is a degree in interior designing. When looking out for the best interior designing colleges in Delhi, it is important to be able to distinguish which are the genuine ones and which are not. A bachelor in interior design will definitely take you a long way towards your goal of a successful career in this field.

Top product design colleges in India
Top product design colleges in India
Having a degree in interior designing will give you the much needed structure and technical knowledge that will complement your raw talent, creativity, and passion. There is a great scope for interior designers both in the country as well as on a global scale. The economic development that can be seen the world over has given rise to more growth in the real estate and construction industry, with more and more residential and commercial buildings being built. Each and every such unit or building will require a professional interior designer for sure. This is a field that is as challenging as it is promising, so having a degree from a reputed college will help a great deal in getting your foot in the door.

Some of the things that you will learn as part of the curriculum in the best interior designing colleges in Delhi will be technical drawing, space designing, building construction, estimation, visual merchandising, computer-aided design, furniture design, material information, etc. It is required to have a 12th standard pass with at least a 55% aggregate in order to be eligible for a degree in interior designing. Certificates and diploma courses in interior designing are also available, the eligibility of which is a pass in the 10th standard examinations.

A degree in interior designing helps open doors in this highly competitive field which is only going to grow more in the years to come, leading to even greater opportunities but also greater competition. It is important to get a degree from an accredited institution, college, or university.

Interior designing is a field in which there are a number of specializations available today. There are openings for commercial interior designers, residential interior designers, institutional interior designers, exhibition designers, furniture designers, lighting designers, CAD designers, etc. As a trained and experienced interior designer, there are also several unlimited opportunities available as design consultant or as a freelance designer. The lucrative earnings that are possible in this field only grow exponentially with more experience and expertise.

Interior design degrees will focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of interior design, whether it is furniture or landscaping. They will also focus on developing entrepreneurship and critical thinking that will stand one in good stead in the future. Once a degree in this field is completed, one can either get into the job market directly or go for higher studies with an M.Sc being one of the many venues available for higher studies in this field.  

Architecture Colleges in Delhi-Gaining an Accredited Education

If architecture is your calling, congratulations and welcome to a world where you can leave your mark on it in your own unique way, perhaps even withstanding the tests of time! It is but natural to seek out the top B.Arch colleges in India as part of your first step in this very lucrative and satisfying career. There are many factors that go into deciding which would be the best college for architecture in India that would be perfect for your own unique requirements and it is wise to do a thorough research before deciding on the college that will be your home for the next four years.

Top 10 b.arch colleges in India
Top 10 b.arch colleges in India
To jump start your career in this highly competitive field, it helps to have a degree in architecture from the top B.Arch colleges in India. This will help to distinguish you from the competition. The best college for architecture in India will undoubtedly have a very comprehensive syllabus and curriculum which will teach you all that you need to know about getting started in this field. After completing your bachelors in architecture, you have the option of starting work with any of the leading architectural firms, freelancing, or going for higher studies in this field. Higher studies will further help deepen your knowledge base and increase your exposure and experience in the world. However, the foundation for all this remains a solid bachelor’s degree in architecture, which must not be overlooked at any cost whatsoever.

To get admission into the top b.arch colleges in India, it is essential to have studied mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the 10+2 level. There is a written entrance test for most of the top colleges in the country. The written aptitude test that is conducted in India for entrance to the B.Arch colleges is conducted by the Council of Architecture. The B.Arch course is a 5 year professional course that is rigorous and demanding so the entrance exam is one that is geared to find the best students who can withstand the heavy training.

Architecture needs both technical know how and creativity. This is why it is considered to be both an art and a science.  A good college will provide both the theoretical and practical aspects of this line of study. It will hone both the technical knowledge of the student while giving ample opportunity for his creative faculties to bloom. There are a lot of opportunities for architects both in the local economy as well as in the international sector. The growing prosperity and economic development of countries has resulted in greater growth in the construction industry, whether it is for residential projects or commercial projects. This will require a steady and constant influx of architects to meet the growing needs of the construction industry. This is why a B.Arch degree is such a valuable investment in one’s future. Whether one wants to work with other architectural firms or be an entrepreneur, there are unlimited opportunities for those who are talented and willing to work hard.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Choosing a Hotel Management Degree for Best Results!

Despite economic downturn being witnessed all over the world, Indian Hospitality sector is thriving and booming. A lot of investments are coming in this sector and new job opportunities being created. This has paved a way to a promising future for the hotel management aspirants. Since, the future market is quite favorable, preparation to make the most of it must begin without wasting any time. There are many hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR where quality education with equal focus on practical aspects of the job is imparted to the students.

Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi NCR
Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi NCR
With so many hotel management courses in Delhi, choosing one that is the best and offers most comprehensive course is a challenge. It is very important to choose the right college and the right degree. Certain factors need students’ undivided attention to help them spot the perfect degree. Some of these factors are as under-

Choosing Hotel Management Degree
The choices available in Hotel Management Colleges and Courses are so many that sometimes the students get overwhelmed. To sift through them and identifying the best college and degree, following aspects need to be considered. 

Course Accreditation
The first step is to check and find out more about the accreditation of the course. The job market values degrees or courses that are recognized by the Government. Since, the seats available in these institutions are quite limited, not everyone can get a seat in them. Then, they may have to look for colleges that are run as per Government Regulatory agencies set norms. 

Course Affiliation
There are two government bodies that have the authority for accrediting universities or institutions- AICTE and UGC. It is always better to take admission in a University or go for a Degree that is affiliated with either if these two authorities. There are many private institutions also that offer hospitality management courses in Gurgaon. It is better to look for a premier institute that has excellent pedagogy and infrastructural facilities. 

Opportunities of Practical Training
In any professional course, practical or hands on training is a very vital aspect. The curriculum offered by the institutions must be studied closely and find out more about the practical training imparted by the institutions. The Institutions and courses that offer trainee ship along with theory must be given a preference.

Placement Opportunities
Many Universities and colleges provide placement services to the Hotel Management aspirants once they are through with their course. When considering a college, it is important to find out the exact placement statistics. The percentage of incumbents who got good placement must be checked. The salary structure they got through college placement and the future growth prospects must also be searched. The college and the degree that is known to offer excellent placement record must be considered. 

The students can also find out more about the degree from the past and current students from different schools. Besides quality of education, the fees are also important criteria. 

Thus, before choosing an option, all these factors must be compared and thoroughly analysed to make a well-informed decision.

Make Hotel Management Your Choice Career!

With growing scope in the Hospitality niche, the employment opportunities available in this sector are ample. With globalization, the hotel management sector has received a great boost. New hotels are coming up and the need for trained man power has escalated. Moreover, this is a glamorous career where a lot of public dealing is required. Hence, aspirants also need to work on developing their personalities besides studying this subject.

Hotel management colleges in Delhi
Hotel management colleges in Delhi
There are many hospitality management courses in Gurgaon. They offer comprehensive courses in this field. Here, the students can not only gain a lot of knowledge about various aspects of the subject, but also gain practical or hands-on experience. The course includes Cruise Ship Management, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Desk Operations, Forest Lodges, Club Management, Airline Catering and many more. With global aviation and hotel industry burgeoning at a rapid pace, the next couple of years is poised to experience next boom.

There are many hotel management colleges in Delhi that offers myriad programs of different duration. In hotel industry, there is a requirement for multiple job profiles. Depending on the education, experience and work performance of a candidate, positions are offered. After completing this course from any of the hotel management colleges in India, the incumbents can get middle or top level positions in a hotel. A degree of hotel management is mandatory to gain employment at this position. Many times, the students are directly placed in hotels through Campus Selection. This course can also be pursued tight after 10+2. 

The students looking forward to get a good job after course completion must also work on their communication and inter-personal skills. Besides these, they must be proficient in numerical aptitude, reasoning skills and most important of all, have pleasing personality. Thus, there is no dearth of jobs after completing this course from a good Hotel Management College.

Engineer Careers and the Education you’ll Need

The number of students considering Engineering as their career goal is rising considerably. Modern nations cannot progress without engineering and its application as these provide the key to long term solution to major infrastructural issues faced by the world. As the harbinger of the economic growth, India understands first-hand how engineering steered it towards modernity and progress. It can continue to progress and contribute to growth provided that the government takes measures to encourage engineering so that the nation has enough professionals to handle future technological needs that advancing nations will have in the future.

Delhi Engineering College
Delhi Engineering College
In order to build a career in this field, the students need to appear in various engineering entrance exams after completing their 12th Class. There are many colleges that conduct their own individual engineering exams. After clearing this exam, the student can gain admission in the engineering college in Delhi. The colleges impart quality education that is at par with global standards. The students are exposed to latest subjects and papers and its applicability. 

Delhi engineering college is considered as one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi. The faculty are highly qualified and experienced and known to offer quality education. After pursuing engineering course from this college, the students are able to fetch a good job in their chosen engineering specialization. 

Though engineering remain popular choices for studies, they might still not yield the millions of skilled professionals needed for the technological growth. The government needs to focus on how and from where they are going to make up for the shortfall of millions of skilled engineering professionals that the country will need in the coming years. The government needs to ensure future prosperity through a policy framework that cuts across governments and which pinpoints how important investment in science and engineering are for long term economic goals.