Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Architecture Colleges in Delhi-Gaining an Accredited Education

If architecture is your calling, congratulations and welcome to a world where you can leave your mark on it in your own unique way, perhaps even withstanding the tests of time! It is but natural to seek out the top B.Arch colleges in India as part of your first step in this very lucrative and satisfying career. There are many factors that go into deciding which would be the best college for architecture in India that would be perfect for your own unique requirements and it is wise to do a thorough research before deciding on the college that will be your home for the next four years.

Top 10 b.arch colleges in India
Top 10 b.arch colleges in India
To jump start your career in this highly competitive field, it helps to have a degree in architecture from the top B.Arch colleges in India. This will help to distinguish you from the competition. The best college for architecture in India will undoubtedly have a very comprehensive syllabus and curriculum which will teach you all that you need to know about getting started in this field. After completing your bachelors in architecture, you have the option of starting work with any of the leading architectural firms, freelancing, or going for higher studies in this field. Higher studies will further help deepen your knowledge base and increase your exposure and experience in the world. However, the foundation for all this remains a solid bachelor’s degree in architecture, which must not be overlooked at any cost whatsoever.

To get admission into the top b.arch colleges in India, it is essential to have studied mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the 10+2 level. There is a written entrance test for most of the top colleges in the country. The written aptitude test that is conducted in India for entrance to the B.Arch colleges is conducted by the Council of Architecture. The B.Arch course is a 5 year professional course that is rigorous and demanding so the entrance exam is one that is geared to find the best students who can withstand the heavy training.

Architecture needs both technical know how and creativity. This is why it is considered to be both an art and a science.  A good college will provide both the theoretical and practical aspects of this line of study. It will hone both the technical knowledge of the student while giving ample opportunity for his creative faculties to bloom. There are a lot of opportunities for architects both in the local economy as well as in the international sector. The growing prosperity and economic development of countries has resulted in greater growth in the construction industry, whether it is for residential projects or commercial projects. This will require a steady and constant influx of architects to meet the growing needs of the construction industry. This is why a B.Arch degree is such a valuable investment in one’s future. Whether one wants to work with other architectural firms or be an entrepreneur, there are unlimited opportunities for those who are talented and willing to work hard.


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