Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Degree in Interior Designing - Must for This Line of Work

If you have a passion for interior designing and have decided to carve out a career for yourself in this fulfilling and lucrative field, one of the most important things to have in hand is a degree in interior designing. When looking out for the best interior designing colleges in Delhi, it is important to be able to distinguish which are the genuine ones and which are not. A bachelor in interior design will definitely take you a long way towards your goal of a successful career in this field.

Top product design colleges in India
Top product design colleges in India
Having a degree in interior designing will give you the much needed structure and technical knowledge that will complement your raw talent, creativity, and passion. There is a great scope for interior designers both in the country as well as on a global scale. The economic development that can be seen the world over has given rise to more growth in the real estate and construction industry, with more and more residential and commercial buildings being built. Each and every such unit or building will require a professional interior designer for sure. This is a field that is as challenging as it is promising, so having a degree from a reputed college will help a great deal in getting your foot in the door.

Some of the things that you will learn as part of the curriculum in the best interior designing colleges in Delhi will be technical drawing, space designing, building construction, estimation, visual merchandising, computer-aided design, furniture design, material information, etc. It is required to have a 12th standard pass with at least a 55% aggregate in order to be eligible for a degree in interior designing. Certificates and diploma courses in interior designing are also available, the eligibility of which is a pass in the 10th standard examinations.

A degree in interior designing helps open doors in this highly competitive field which is only going to grow more in the years to come, leading to even greater opportunities but also greater competition. It is important to get a degree from an accredited institution, college, or university.

Interior designing is a field in which there are a number of specializations available today. There are openings for commercial interior designers, residential interior designers, institutional interior designers, exhibition designers, furniture designers, lighting designers, CAD designers, etc. As a trained and experienced interior designer, there are also several unlimited opportunities available as design consultant or as a freelance designer. The lucrative earnings that are possible in this field only grow exponentially with more experience and expertise.

Interior design degrees will focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of interior design, whether it is furniture or landscaping. They will also focus on developing entrepreneurship and critical thinking that will stand one in good stead in the future. Once a degree in this field is completed, one can either get into the job market directly or go for higher studies with an M.Sc being one of the many venues available for higher studies in this field.  


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