Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Interior Design Education - A Great Way to Further Your Education

Degree in interior designing offers scope for an individual to work in a wide variety of fields. Let it be in the field of Media & Communication, Consultation, Fashion Industry, teaching and Film, careers are numerous after completing a degree in interior designing. One needs to live with creativity, art and imagination to enjoy themselves in the field of interior designing.

Degree in interior designing
Degree in interior designing
One can choose Interior Designing courses either online or on-campus. If an individual is intrigued by the creative art and learning, he/she might opt for an Associate degree to start with. Similarly, if one tends to take it to a professional level, or having a prior experience in the industry and wants to improve their career further, one can choose a bachelor in interior design or a Masters. Similarly, with a vast level of experience, and with a research mind, one can prefer a Doctorate (Ph.D.), and can also have their own consulting firm in the field of Interior Designing. 

Parallely, graduating from one of the visual communication colleges in India along with adegree in Interior Designing opens the doors to many more exciting fields of work such as animation industry, Interaction Design, and VFX.  Interior designers work involves Restoration & Preservation, Commercial, and Residential. 

Restoration & Preservation works usually involve Museum Consultant, Historic Residential Designer, and Landmark Design Preservationist. While Commercial designs include Healthcare Facility, Corporate Office and Institutional Building Designer. The Residential designers work along the lines of Kitchen Designer, Bathroom, and Accessibility designing. 

The courses typically speak of Modern Architecture & Design, Color Theory, History of Building Types, Design Theory, and Drawing. The rest of the course curriculum lies on these five focal points that shape and educate a student in his course time. Extended to these are the Business of Interior Design, and Materials &Assembly in the four-year degree programs. A degree in Interior Designing clearly provides an opportunity to explore various careers in various industries and take education into another level involving creativity, art, and imagination. 


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