Monday, 28 December 2015

The Scope of LAW Education in India

Times have changed quite radically. A few decades earlier, pursuing law was a last moment initiative for people who were not “good enough” for other reputed fields. And what do we see now? Law schools and legal education has become a prime vogue with the advent of proper curriculum, brilliant exposure and noteworthy pay packages. 

Law colleges in Delhi
The Scope of LAW Education in India
Enthusiastic legal beagles compete in several entrance exams and aim to get into the best law schools in India. The best law school provides experienced faculty, gives hands on experience, imparts top notch legal education and inculcates outstanding research aptitude in its students.

The School of Law (SOL), Ansal University is one of the top law colleges in India and for all the right reasons. The advantage of an excellent location in the National Capital Region gives its students the edge to make the best of the available facilities. The curriculum is in tune with the standards of Indian legal education, adding to the quality of training imparted. 

SOL endeavours to be amongst the Law colleges in Delhi NCR and to equip students with the best quality of knowledge, skills and research abilities. The faculty is highly qualified and practical training is imparted by top-quality professionals with first class experience to their credit. 

The law school also emphasizes on securing superior internships for the deserving students in law firms, companies, courts and other regulatory bodies. Research initiatives such as in house publication, conferences and legal seminars make it one of the top 5 law colleges in India. Regular workshops, interactive sessions, equipped classrooms and a supportive environment are just some of the USPs of SOL.

The undergraduate and postgraduate courses have unique options of specialisation which adds to the excellent package offered by SOL to prospective students. Admission is gained through a combination of CLAT or LSAT scores or aggregate percentage of high school exams with interviews. 

These features and attributes, amongst many others mould us into one of the best institutes imparting legal education in India. We strive to uphold and further improve present standards and endeavour to streamline a global approach. Register for your seats today and experience the best with the best. 

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