Monday, 28 December 2015

Top Business Schools in India – Career After Graduation

Education, truly, never stops. There is no point of time where you can proclaim that, “Yes, I am done!”

It is that time again, that stretch of nothingness which requires some decision making: what to do after graduation? This question plagues the minds of several graduates who propel out of comforting campus life.

One of the most popular options after getting an undergraduate degree is a Masters degree in Business Administration. An MBA degree is well organized and structured program to crown a set of potential skill. Apart from other courses, an MBA degree steps beyond to the next level of team management and ethical skills far and wide.

MBA college
Top Business Schools in India – Career After Graduation
There are several avenues to pursue this course domestically itself. The top business schools in India impart excellent education and brilliant exposure to industry.

A top notch MBA college is determined by a competitive pedagogy, cutting edge technical support, informative faculty and industrial training. The School of Management Studies at Ansal University is the ultimate answer to all the uncertainties plaguing your mind. One of the best MBA College in Delhi, it promises to make you reach the zenith and achieve all your personal goals.

Ansal University offers 4 MBA courses for you to choose from: General, Applied Finance, Real Estate & Infrastructure Management and Executive. The general course spans 2 full years with an option to pick a specialization in an array of subjects including Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

The Applied Finance course is offered in association with International College of Financial Planning and envisions training market ready individuals. The Infrastructure Management specialization aims to bring practical learning of real estate in classrooms. What is more that professionals can also seek to complete management education with the Executive MBA course offered at Ansal University- making it one of the top MBA institutes in India.

School of Management Studies gets full support from the Corporate Resource Centre, ensuring top notch job placements for deserving students across different sectors. Some of the biggest names include forerunners of banking sector such ICICI Bank, RBS, Axis and Citibank. MNCs such as ITC, Nestle, Saint Gobain, Pepsico also partake in the recruitment drive.

MBA is not just a career choice. It is a way of life and this is your opportunity to get the best from the best. 


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