Sunday, 17 January 2016

5 Practical Tips on Career Planning in Hotel Management

Hotel and hospitality industry is one of the growing industries for the last decade. Hotel management is a lucrative career avenue for people interested in hospitality, networking and managerial excellence. It provides tremendous job opportunities and now it is becoming global with hotel chains or expansion of reputed hotel groups across the globe.

Hotel management colleges in Delhi
Hotel management colleges in Delhi
It is a diverse field with several specializations associated with it. It can include Hotel and Restaurant management, Cruise Ship Hotel management, Hotel and Tourism Associations, Hospital Administration and Catering, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Club management, Forest Lodges, Guest Houses, among many more. These specializations are offered by the Hotel management courses and colleges in and across India.

Expansion of global travel industry, relaxed globalization and FDI policies and growth of aviation industry are expected to boost hotel industry in next couple of years.
Here are some practical tips offered by one of the best hotel management colleges in India, Ansal VATEL which offers the best facilities to its students:

1. Begin early, people!
Students wanting a brilliant career in hotel management should possess awesome communication skills, analytical skills, numerical aptitude and a jovial, pleasing personality. Therefore, if any student falls short of perfectionism in such skills, the institute will try and inculcate them in him. This happens with the help of an engaging pedagogy and fruitful faculty student interactions.
You can develop these basic qualities by hard work and intelligent efforts. Passion and sincerity are the key tools to excel in this field.

2. Go for quality Hotel management education!
The best of hotels require and demand trained personnel ready to face the world. Opt for the best institutes imparting world quality education and offering global exposure. Ansal VATEL is one of the best hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR.

3. On the go experience!
As is true for any professional course, learning only theoretical aspects is not enough. Practical exposure is also important and is imperative in building a career in hotel and hospitality industry and hotel management courses in Delhi. Ansal VATEL Institute has incorporated top notch internship programs and provisions for global exposure, adding on to your professional profile.

4. Be open to versatility and varying experience!
The hotel industry is a huge one. There are several job opportunities available from food and beverage management to housekeeping. Accept different kind of jobs, this will help you gain versatile experience and will help you find your perfect job profile. 

5. Be organized and be prepared for emergencies!

It is important to be organized as a manager. You will have to learn how to excel at your job by staying on top of things and for that, a system is needed to be put in place to be organized. Furthermore, emergency situations are going to occur at some point in your career as a hotel manager. You need to keep a good back up plan in place in order to get through such hard times.


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