Sunday, 17 January 2016

Careers in Hotel Management Are Smart Moves

Hotel Management course has continued to be popular and lucrative for the current generation. True, there is a permanent gravitation towards other intensive courses such as MBA, Engineering, Law and Medicals. However, the charm and thrill associated with the hotel management and hospitality sector is still unbeaten due to the image portrayed by the best hotel management colleges in India.

Top hotel management colleges in India
Top hotel management colleges in India

Due to increase in hospitality industry, economic freedom and globalization, many new employment streams have been developed and formed in hotel management sector. Moreover, encouragement and assistance provided by virtue of government policies in development and extension of tourism sector has certainly created many new employment opportunities in Hotel Industry.

Several restaurants and hotels have cropped up in both big and small cities and towns across India. This growth will continue to take place and hence, the demand for professionals dealing in hotel management will always exist.

A well managed hotel establishment comprises various departments. A qualified, well trained and skilled person is required for managing each of such department. Co-ordination, communication skills, management talents and above all, a calm mind are necessary attributes of a person aspiring to be a successful hospitality professional.

One can bag jobs and placements in different categories of hotels ranging from national five star hotel groups such as Taj, Oberoi and Welcome group, to big international names such as Novotel, Ibis etc. Airline Industry is also a good back up option for the hotel management and hospitality students. Graduates may join as ground Staff or as Public Relationship officers or even flight stewards or hostesses.

Teaching is also a highly lucrative options this sector; graduates may join one of the national hotel management institutes or private colleges after a year or so of gaining experience, subject to their academic performance and general aptitude. Another option is for them to open their personal restaurants or working as consultants in various hotels or restaurants.

The hotel management colleges in India have also created a niche for themselves by introducing interesting pedagogy and workshops. Ansal University in association with the best hospitality school from France, VATEL is one of the best hospitality management courses in Gurgaon. The college facilitates international exposure, brilliant technical expertise and paid internships to leading business destinations.


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