Sunday, 3 January 2016

Is a career in law right for you?

Do you dream of becoming the next Harvey Spectre or Alan Shore? Do you dream of arguing cases in the courts of law like Adv. Siddhartha Luthra, Ram Jethmalani and KTS Tulsi? Do you feel at home while debating and researching? Do you indulge in logical and critical analysis in your day to day lives?

Is the answer to any or all of these questions a resounding "YES"? In that case, you should definitely give serious thoughts to a fully fledged legal career! Different areas of specialization, a financially rewarding career and professional glamour are just some of the attributes of choosing this career path. The best law universities in India are responsible in creating the legal luminaries in our country and abroad. Today, the five year integrated law course (a particular undergraduate degree choice with LLB course) is offered by the top law schools in India. This course saves a year of your precious time and different law colleges in India offer different undergraduate choices and specializations to their students.

What awaits you in law school? It is not an easy journey! The curriculum is huge and taxing as you need to acquaint yourself with basic laws such as company law, criminal law, constitutional law and taxation law. The practical projects and workshops embellish your basic talents and aptitude.

The School of Law (SOL), Ansal University is one of the best law colleges in India. With due recognition from the regulatory bodies in education, the syllabus is molded to produce the best legal minds in the country. Some of the features of SOL include different specializations, separate certificate courses to acquire advanced skills, equipped classrooms and highly qualified professors.

Situated in the financial hub of Gurgaon, SOL is the best law college in NCR (National Capital Region). The campus resource committee is fully committed to procure the best placements to the deserving students. The institution encourages students to participate in internship and training programs, professional workshops and inculcate research culture through publications and seminars.

Law is a professional course requiring intensive hard work and SOL is one of the best law colleges in India where your dedication will definitely pay off. Register today to enjoy the best of the best: a well equipped campus, brilliant research culture and awesome professional exposure. We promise to develop your aptitude in law and shape your legal career using our experience and guidance.


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