Sunday, 17 January 2016

MBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure

Real estate is an up and coming field of study in the academic horizon these days. It has become one of the specializations offered by the top business schools as a part of their academic curriculum. The move may be deliberate but the need is realistic. As a trend shift movement, real estate and infrastructure management has attracted the choice of students while pursuing a post graduate management degree.

MBA college
MBA college
A trend shift towards financial expertise and proficiency in real estate has crafted a requirement for professionals skilled in aspects of accounting, financial strategy and overall management in the expanding field of real estate. Adding to this bundle mix, government policies and regulations have further tightened the noose and have paved way for a sustainable mindset.

Post graduate management degree programs with the choice to specifically specialize in Real Estate are an answer to such requirements of the contemporary market. These demands are needed to be met. Globalization, Foreign Direct Investment and other monetary policies have resulted in top ranking business schools adopting the best prevailing market practices and imparting a bankable skill through their curriculum. The colleges have adapted to such demands and are supplying able professionals.

The School of Management, Ansal University is one of the best MBA college in Gurgaon. It offers real estate specialization and expertise as part of its challenging MBA program to the prospective management students. This MBA colleges in Delhi has an extensive research program in place in order to analyse and study the prevailing developments in the real estate sector. The motive is to further ready individuals with top notch business acumen to complement such skills.

SOM's MBA program in real estate spans two years and has plenty to offer in terms of best quality of real estate training and specialization. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, the teaching staff professes of valuable skills and experience and education is imparted through hands-on projects and case studies. Ansal University prides itself by finding its place within the best MBA colleges in Delhi. It goes a step beyond conventional education and readies them for a challenging future ahead in their professional lives.

There are many career avenues which can be undertaken as a part of the real estate industry. One can think about dynamic roles and positions such as a full time broker, property valuer (appraiser), expert analyst with financial edge, asset manager or a full time developer/builder.

Ansal University provides practical exposure and a dynamic environment to its students. We strive to foster excellence in real estate education and research and making our students benefit from our initiatives. Our program finds its place within the very best real estate education programs in the country, and our institute is one of the best MBA college in Delhi. Register today and excel in the professional horizon and fulfill your dreams!


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