Sunday, 17 January 2016

Tips before Admission in Engineering

A dream envisioned by most high school students in India is gaining entry to the best engineering colleges in Delhi. They undertake difficult tutorials, hone their problem solving skills and burn the midnight oil in order to secure their places in highly reputed institutes.

Engineering college in Delhi
Engineering college in Delhi
Executing and adopting the academic transition from school level grades to a fully fledged university requires students to realize that the stakes are higher at the college level: academically, professionally and personally!

Students of the engineering faculty often are required to modify two aspects of their study schedule: the time they devote to studies in itself AND the manner in which they study. These aspects require a close examination if a student wants to achieve true academic success. There is no need to stick to an old theory or way of studying, college is the place where you can indulge in small and personal experiments and try to find new strategies which help your academic initiatives. After the initial discovery, you need to imbibe such strategies and mechanisms, monitor your individual development and simultaneously judge the effectiveness of such modifications.

Gaining admission to engineering colleges in Delhi is an intricate process because it differs with the entrance exam, the type of institute and the state where the institution is currently located. The most important criterion to determine the best suited engineering institute for oneself is: (a) quality of placements, (b) quality of infrastructure, (c) quality of Faculty and (d) quality of industry interface.

School of Engineering, Ansal University is one of the top engineering colleges in Haryana. It fulfils all necessary requirements of a reputed engineering college and provides optimum support in terms of job placement and industry exposure. Furthermore, Gurgaon is the technical and financial hub of the country. This is why Ansal students gain an edge in terms of practical knows how and hence are ready for any professional challenge!

Getting into the “right” college is the work half done. School of Engineering boasts of excellent infrastructure, equipped campus and classrooms, top notch subscriptions, qualified and experienced faculty and regular technical workshops with the best professionals from the relevant fields.  

Placement figures of Ansal University illustrate reliable names from top echelons of the industry. The students can make the best of their study experience by being a part of many curricular and social activities which take place across the campus.

Register today with us and join the legacy of ongoing excellence and perfectionism. 


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